ultra high defnition video

UHD Video

What used to be a nice-to-have has become has become a required staple to inform, surprise, delight and convert audiences.

UHD Video benefits include:
  • Increase Interaction through movement and uniquely designed messaging that is raised above the blare of internet noise and keeps the audiences attention longer than traditional or static media.
  • Increased Calls-to-Action with video by presenting high quality information that is crafted for one or many audiences. This allows an additional path to capture audience’s information that can lead the audience through your sales funnel or other conversion path.
  • The technology behind video and rich media allows marketing teams to track various levels of engagement and interaction that includes project management and sales metrics. These metrics can include number of expansions, multiple exits and percentage(s) of video completion. By combining these metrics, brands, agencies and business entities can measure the success of campaign and return on their spend and investment.
  • Increased Search Engine Rankings and search engine optimization.
  • By recording in 4k, digital files are virtually future proofed and can simply be down-sampled for specific delivery needs.

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