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Run 3D started as a doctoral project at Oxford University in Oxford, England with the emphasis of preventing athletic injury and increasing performance. Historically, 50% of all runners are injured at some point during a season. Injuries range from minor ailments to trauma that will sideline an athlete for months.

Run 3D’s hardware and software application captures dynamic motion of runners that informs what interventions should be considered to eliminate risk of injury. The application also provides data that can identify areas of the body that can be strengthened for greater athletic performance.

Run 3D system consists of three Lidar cameras that capture 3D images and metal markers that have been placed on the study participants body. Recordings are made that result in a detailed report that identifies areas of concern and a list of possible interventions.

After initial rollout in several European cities, Run 3D was ready to enter the North American market. Product launch was scheduled to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics featuring endorsement from Olympic hopeful Sara Hall.

Primary: Amateur & Competitive Athletes of all ages.
Secondary: Middle Aged to Seniors.

  • Run 3D’s platform can be used to help diagnose and treat medical issues for mobility and athletic performance, but cannot be considered a medical device that would require FDA approval for use.
  • Initial audience consisted of amateur, advanced amateur and highly competitive athletes that generally participate more in temperate months. Run 3D would need a greater pool of study participants for more reliable and year round revenue streams.
  • Run 3D study report needs to be interpreted that identifies multiple possible interventions. With better specificity the resulting study report would identify "the intervention" that can be monitored over time. Simplification of process will result in quick, accurate study results and optimum outcomes.

  • Effectively brand Run 3D as a simple and reliable platform that is able to deliver exact-repeatable-statements that can be compared over time.
  • Get confirmation from Medical & Legal experts to eliminate FDA review.
  • Determine additional user base and revenue streams for greater reach and year round draw.
  • Position Run 3D as a performance tool.
  • Position Run 3D as a tool that extends LifeStyle and Mobility
  • Differentiate Run 3D from competitors

While athletes comprise a large pool to draw from, helping middle age and senior aged people gain and maintain mobility has a larger, lifetime draw with customers available throughout the year.

Identifcation and engagment with a Medical-Legal team to limit risk and exposure of Run 3D being seen as a medical or diagnostic tool.

Engagement with a top tier Public Policy Agency to help navigate contracts and requirements for municiple agencies.

Simplification of study process that helps eliminate the need of a highly trained technition to proctor a study.

  • Branding with clear messaging that considers athlete and senior citizens.
  • Engagement and sign-off from Medical & Legal experts to eliminate oversight risk.
  • Engagement with Public Policy Agency to validate and introduce the benefits & cost savings of workplace wellness to municipal and other local agencies.
  • Identified communities that serve people 55+ with community centers that can be utilized for mobility studies.
  • Creation of marketing collaterals
  • Creation of Quick-Start guide of platform and use that provides the means in which an average person is able to conduct scientific studies.
  • Micro-site Production.
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